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How can I define multiple OpenAPI definitions in one Spring Boot project?

You can define your own groups of API based on the combination of: API paths and packages to scan. Each group should have a unique groupName. The OpenAPI description of this group, will be available by default on:

To enable the support of multiple OpenAPI definitions, a bean of type GroupedOpenApi needs to be defined.

For the following Group definition(based on package path), the OpenAPI description URL will be : /v3/api-docs/stores

public GroupedOpenApi storeOpenApi() {
	String paths[] = {"/store/**"};
	return GroupedOpenApi.builder().group("stores").pathsToMatch(paths)

For the following Group definition (based on package name), the OpenAPI description URL will be: /v3/api-docs/users

public GroupedOpenApi userOpenApi() {
	String packagesToscan[] = {""};
	return GroupedOpenApi.builder().group("users").packagesToScan(packagesToscan)

For the following Group definition(based on path), the OpenAPI description URL will be: /v3/api-docs/pets

public GroupedOpenApi petOpenApi() {
	String paths[] = {"/pet/**"};
	return GroupedOpenApi.builder().group("pets").pathsToMatch(paths)

For the following Group definition (based on package name and path), the OpenAPI description URL will be: /v3/api-docs/groups

public GroupedOpenApi groupOpenApi() {
	String paths[] = {"/v1/**"};
	String packagesToscan[] = {"", ""};
	return GroupedOpenApi.builder().group("groups").pathsToMatch(paths).packagesToScan(packagesToscan)

For more details about the usage, you can have a look at the following sample Test:

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The projects that uses spring-data should add this dependency together with the springdoc-openapi-ui dependency:


How can I generate enums in the generated description?

public Object example(@Parameter(name ="json", schema = @Schema(description = "var 1",type = "string", allowableValues = {"1", "2"}))
String json) {
   return null;
public String toString() {
	return String.valueOf(action);

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public OpenAPICustomiser consumerTypeHeaderOpenAPICustomiser() {
return openApi -> openApi.getPaths().values().stream().flatMap(pathItem -> pathItem.readOperations().stream())
    .forEach(operation -> operation.addParametersItem(new HeaderParameter().$ref("#/components/parameters/myConsumerTypeHeader")));

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 public OpenAPI customOpenAPI() {
   return new OpenAPI()
          .components(new Components()
          new SecurityScheme().type(SecurityScheme.Type.HTTP).scheme("bearer").bearerFormat("JWT")));

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Can I customize OpenAPI object programmatically?

public OpenAPI customOpenAPI(@Value("${springdoc.version}") String appVersion) {
	return new OpenAPI()
    .components(new Components().addSecuritySchemes("basicScheme",
            new SecurityScheme().type(SecurityScheme.Type.HTTP).scheme("basic")))
    .info(new Info().title("SpringShop API").version(appVersion)
            .license(new License().name("Apache 2.0").url("")));

public OpenApiCustomiser customerGlobalHeaderOpenApiCustomiser() {
	return openApi -> openApi.path("/foo",
	new PathItem().get(new Operation().operationId("foo").responses(new ApiResponses()
	.addApiResponse("default",new ApiResponse().description("")
	.content(new Content().addMediaType("fatz", new MediaType()))))));

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static {

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How to Integrate Open API 3 with Spring project (not Spring Boot)?

When your application is using spring without (spring-boot), you need to add beans and auto-configuration that are natively provided in spring-boot.

For example, lets assume you want load the swagger-ui in spring-mvc application:

public class AppInitializer implements WebApplicationInitializer {

	public void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext) throws ServletException {
		WebApplicationContext context = getContext();
		servletContext.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(context));
		ServletRegistration.Dynamic dispatcher = servletContext.addServlet("RestServlet",
				new DispatcherServlet(context));

	private AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext getContext() {
		AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext context = new AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext();
		context.register(this.getClass(), org.springdoc.ui.SwaggerConfig.class,
				org.springdoc.core.SwaggerUiConfigProperties.class, org.springdoc.core.SwaggerUiOAuthProperties.class,
				org.springdoc.core.SpringDocConfiguration.class, org.springdoc.core.SpringDocConfigProperties.class,
		return context;

How can I use the last springdoc-openapi SNAPSHOT ?


How can I use enable springdoc-openapi MonetaryAmount support ?

SpringDocUtils.getConfig().replaceWithClass(MonetaryAmount.class, org.springdoc.core.converters.MonetaryAmount.class);
SpringDocUtils.getConfig().replaceWithSchema(MonetaryAmount.class, new ObjectSchema()
				.addProperties("amount", new NumberSchema()).example(99.96)
				.addProperties("currency", new StringSchema().example("USD")));